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XR9600 Nucleic acid extractor

Cap screwing, cup splitting and extraction three in one system

Sample flux: 96 samples;

Sample capacity: 20-1000ul;

Extraction speed: up to 35 minutes,

Sampling method: automatic sampling with disposable pipette, accuracy ± 1ul, and no cross contamination;

Sample type: pharyngeal swab and other samples;

Civil air defense measures: fully automatic cap opening, liquid separation, cap screwing and extraction in one design, without any manual operation in the whole process

Sample management: automatic sensing of sample placement, automatic scanning of sample ID, automatic binding of 96 deep hole plate position, and support of LIS connection;

Safety guarantee: XYZ three-dimensional drive servo motor control system, anti vibration splash design, anti falling off design, pressure sensor design and other safety guarantee measures;

Extraction method: magnetic bead method

Extraction channel: 96 channels

Parameter design: open parameters, supporting sample collection tubes of different lengths and sizes

Extraction temperature: 25-100 ℃

Purification sensitivity: 10iu/ml positive detection rate >95%

Difference between purification holes: cv<5%

Operation interface: multi language

Disinfection design: ultraviolet disinfection;

Exhaust mode: filter type

Operation interface: 10 inch high-definition touch screen;

One machine is multi-purpose: screw cap to divide cups, divide cups, screw cap to divide cups for extraction, extraction and other compatibility.