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Services Concept

Technological Innovation

Forge Ahead

Service Mode:

1. Delivery method: on the premise of ensuring the delivery date and quality of the goods will not be affected, the instruments and a certain amount of disposable consumables will be delivered to the door free of charge, and the products delivered will be insured during the transportation.

2. Installation and debugging: free installation and debugging, debugging the instrument to the best working condition.

3. Training service: free on-site training of the buyer's operators, on-site demonstration of various operation processes, so that users can understand the working principle, operation procedures and maintenance methods of the equipment until the user fully master.

4. Guarantee period: carry out the guarantee service promise of product quality, guarantee free of charge within the guarantee period and maintain for life.

5. Network remote service: remote free technical service support, you can dial the 24-hour customer service hotline, and visit the company's website and wechat service platform to check the daily maintenance technical guidance documents.

6. Response plan: make response and arrangement to the user's maintenance request in a short time.

7. Service outlets: set up after-sales service outlets all over the country, each outlet is equipped with common spare parts and spare instruments, easy to replace.

8. Regular return visit system: pay attention to users' feedback on product quality, establish customer files, conduct regular on-site consultation and return visit, including: customer satisfaction survey, troubleshooting, instrument regular maintenance reminder and on-site service, provide reagent consumables reference, instrument test parameter collection, etc.