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XR180 Nucleic acid extractor

Sample type:Whole blood, serum, plasma, throat swab, puncture fluid, etc

Extraction methods:Automatic magnetic bead method

Large extraction volume range:20-1000 μ l sample volume can be extracted

High magnetic beads recovery:≧ 98%

High heating temperature accuracy: 4/6pcs independent heating modules, customized cracking temperature according to requirements

Extraction time:The conventional extraction was less than 30 minutes, the extraction time of a separate certain method was 15 minutes

Purification sensitivity:The lowest extraction concentration can reach 50-100 copies / ml

Unique safety door design:When the safety door is opened, the program will be suspended automatically; When the safety door is closed, the program can continue to run to avoid cross infection

Temperature control system:High stability temperature control system, the temperature difference between holes is less than 1 degree centigrade, reducing extraction differentiation

Built in air duct design:Unique built-in air duct design to avoid cross infection

Power off safety protection:Support power-off protection function, and continue operation after power on

Complete internal procedures:Built in 10 groups of mode program, can add or import parameters independently

Sample channel:32/48 sample channels

Multi gear shock mixing:Various gears can be adjusted, and the vibration amplitude can be adjusted with the reagent volume

Difference between extraction holes:CV ≦3%

Operation mode:Large touch screen , humanized menu management, easy operation

Instrument extension interface:Standard RS232 interface

Disinfection method:Disinfection with built-in ultraviolet lamp

Exhaust mode:Fan

Ambient temperature:10℃--40℃

relative humidity:80%

Power supply:AC110-220V, 50/60HZ