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XR16 Nucleic acid extractor

Sample type: Whole blood, serum, plasma, throat swab, puncture fluid, etc

Nucleic acid extraction method: Automated magnetic bead method

Large processing volume range: Extractable 20 - 1000 μ L volume of sample

High recovery of magnetic beads: The recovery rate of magnetic beads is above 98%

High heating temperature accuracy: 4 independent heating modules, customized cracking and elution temperatures according to requirements.

Multi gear concussion mixing: Various gears can be adjusted, and the vibration amplitude can be adjusted according to the reagent volume

Complete internal procedures: Built in 12 groups of mode programs, which can add or import parameters independently. The parameters are open and applicable to various extraction reagents

Unique safety door design:The program will be suspended automatically after the safety door is opened, and the program can be continued after the safety door is closed to avoid cross infection

Built in air duct design: Unique built-in air duct design to avoid cross infection

Orifice type: It can be fitted with a single six pipe kit and a single magnetic ring sleeve. Each test is an independent consumable to eliminate waste.

Number of magnetic rods: 16 pieces, with a maximum of 16 six tube kits placed at one time.

Purification sensitivity: Positive detection rate of 10iu/ml samples >95%

Pyrolysis and elution temperature: 25℃-90℃

Sample flux: 16 sample channels, each sample has its own kit and magnetic ring sleeve to avoid waste and cross contamination.

Extraction time: 9-60 minutes / round (depending on the reagent used)

Extract inter hole difference: CV ≦3%

Screen operation: 7-inch high-resolution color touch screen

Instrument extension interface: Standard USB interface

Disinfection method: Built in UV lamp disinfection

Exhaust mode: Fan

Ambient temperature: 10℃--40℃

relative humidity: 80%

Power supply: AC110-220V, 50/60HZ

Overall dimension: 398mm × 446mm × 431mm

Weight: 20KGS

Scope of application:

It is widely used in scientific research, disease control system, food safety, forensic medicine, clinical monitoring, paternity testing, medical diagnosis and other fields. It can be used to extract nucleic acids

from plant tissues, animal tissues, whole blood, bacteria, plasmids, viruses, serum, forensic samples, marine organisms, Chinese herbal medicine, fungi and other samples with stable results。